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Why choose CJ Wildlife...

CJ Wildlife was founded in 1987 and have always been a lead innovator in the wild bird care market.
We were the first wild bird food company to introduce many of the wild bird seeds we all now take for
granted, such as; Black Sunflower Seeds, Sunflower Hearts, Nyjer Seed and Kibbled Sunflower Hearts.

• The vast majority of our foods are produced from human grade, high energy ingredients.
• The big difference with our foods is that they contain a high proportion of energy-rich sunflower

seeds to attract the more colourful species that consumers wish to attract.
• M ost of our foods do not contain cheap fillers such as wheat that create waste and attract unwelcome

birds such as pigeons.
• Our ‘High Energy Nut Cakes’, in both tubes and squares, have a higher energy content than cheaper

products, meaning that the birds will use them throughout the year, generating regular repeat
• Peanut Butter for Birds was our innovation and offers a high energy mix with greatly reduced salt
content, making it a popular and safe product that the birds adore.
• Most of our feeders feature our patented perching rings which allow birds to feed in their natural
position, facing forward. This gives them a better view of their surroundings, allowing them to spend
less time looking for danger and more time feeding, so these feeders can help more birds in a given
amount of time, increasing customer satisfaction and sales of bird food.
• CJ Wildlife has one of the most extensive ranges of Guardians and Squirrel Resistant Feeders on the
market, including products to protect fat products and ground feeders products.
• Our range also includes an extensive range of high capacity metal feeders with the Conqueror and
Adventurer ranges. Large feeders let more birds feed at the same time so more food is eaten and the
retailers sells more of the big bags.
Bird Boxes
• We have a massive range of nest boxes to suit every need and pocket, from our inexpensive Birch Log
range through to high ticket specialist boxes for birds such as Swifts.
• W oodStone ™ is a mix of concrete and wood fibres making these products long lasting and safe from
predators. 01743 709555 5
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