Environment Policy

CJ WildBird Foods Limited develops products for wildlife together with many European green partners. Our aim is to reduce our harmful impact on the environment, and we are committed to reducing waste through reuse and recycling and by using refurbished and recycled products and materials where such alternatives are economical and suitable.

Our standards for products

Our aim is to offer high standard products especially designed to suit a wide range of wildlife. We ensure products using timber or plant material come from sustainable sources which comply with EU regulations. This may include FSC certified wood and recycled plastic such as the range of feeders and ground tables we have developed using environmentally friendly recycled and recyclable high-density plastic.

Our packaging

We assess our packaging requirements closely to ensure we strike the right balance between sustainability and durability especially during transit to our customers. We try to use a little plastic as possible and when it is necessary, such as for our oil rich fat products we use up to 70% recycled material RPET for our vessels. For our oil rich seed mixtures, we use a plastic that has a barrier so that oxygen cannot penetrate and spoil the food. This plastic also has properties of clarity, lightness and strength and extends the product’s shelf life; standards required by our retail customers. For our feeders we try to use minimum packaging and when it is required such as for our ceramics and WoodStone®, we use plain packaging where possible in materials that can be recycled.

We recycle our used cardboard by converting into shredded packing for use in our customer’s parcels. We also use biodegradable or recycled packing film which can biodegrade within 12-24 hours leaving no residue.

Carbon footprint and the future

We are continuously looking for new developments in the packaging industry in order to make better and more sustainable decisions. The subject is complex so to help us decide which material may be more sustainable for the future than those we already use, we concentrate on innovation information from the industry, our suppliers, external experts and our green partners. We incorporate carbon footprint, bio-based and naturally grown ingredients into our decision-making process.