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CJ Wildlife was founded in 1987 after a gap in the market for high quality, nutritious bird food was identified. Our products were instantly popular with both the trade buyer, the human customer and the ultimate judge, the bird in the garden.

From that time on we committed to leading and innovating in product development, widening our remit to include feeders, nest boxes, water dishes plus beyond birds into insect and mammal habitats.

Today our range is large and ever-evolving. It retains the original principles of being built not to a price-point, but to a standard that best suits the wildlife for whom it is intended for. This ultimately leads to more repeat purchases and higher customer satisfaction.

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National Trust

National Trust Garden Wildlife Range

In association with the National Trust, we are delighted to present a licensed range of high-quality products. This is an exclusive collection comprising of bird and wildlife foods, bird feeders, nest boxes; accessories, mammal and insect habitats and educational charts.

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  • We were the first wild bird food company to introduce many of the wild bird seeds we all now take for granted, such as; Black Sunflower Seeds, Sunflower Hearts and Nyjer Seed. All of these classic seeds are available within our current range and are sourced to human grade standards. They can be fed on their own or customers can look to create their own mixes.
  • For those that want the convenience of a tried-and-tested mix, we offer a range of special formulations. Some are designed to appeal to customers wishing to feed in particular ways (on tables or tube feeders for example), to support particular species (such as robins) or versatile, hi-energy no mess-mixes. The majority of our mixes are high in nutritious sunflower hearts and low (or without) fillers such as wheat.
  • We also led the way in developing the fat sector by developing patented recipes for peanut cakes, now available in various flavours and shapes, and being first to market with peanut butter for birds. Our peanut butter is high in the calories the birds need but extremely low in salt making it a perfect, low-cost item to be offered. It is also available in several flavours.
  • Cheaper, lower quality foods are available elsewhere, but wastage and complaint levels will be higher and re-purchase levels will ultimately be lower. Give your customers a chance to buy the best for their garden visitors and you and they will be rewarded.
  • Our core food range is supplemented by several seasonal winter treats that make perfect impulse buys/gifts.


  • We are extremely proud of our feeder range which includes a vast range of styles, materials, usages and price points – something for everyone.
  • Most of our tube feeders feature our patented perching rings which allow birds to feed in their natural position, facing forward. This gives them a better view of their surroundings, allowing them to spend less time looking for danger and more time feeding. These feeders can help more birds in a given amount of time, increasing customer satisfaction and sales of bird food.
  • Quick and easy cleaning of feeders is important to customers and so our Apollo range of tube feeders was developed. These are available in seed and peanut versions.
  • CJ Wildlife has one of the most extensive ranges of Guardians and squirrel resistant feeders on the market, including products to protect fat products and ground feeders.
  • Our range also includes the high capacity metal Conqueror feeders. Larger feeders let more birds feed at the same time meaning more food is eaten and more frequent replenishment is needed. It also allows customers the freedom of refilling less often which is perfect for those with busy lifestyles.
  • To meet the demands of those who prefer a wooden table we offer a broad selection of free-standing, hanging and wall mounted tables. These are finished in a number of ways to help your customers select the style that most suits their garden.
  • We also offer a range of ceramic design-led feeders and a selection of useful accessories to make the optimal bird feeding station. These include water dishes, poling systems, hooks, brackets, scoops, cleaning products and storage bins.

Bird Boxes

  • Our nest boxes, like everything else we do, are designed with the benefit for birds in the forefront of our mind – maximising their chances of a successful breeding season. This means they are built to optimal dimensions for each species and high quality materials are used.
  • In addition to quality, we also offer choice. Our extensive range of nest boxes includes a range of styles, materials and price points.
  • We offer nest boxes aimed at attracting several of the more common garden visitors and more specialist boxes targeted at a particular species such as a Swift or Barn Owl.
  • The majority of our wooden nest boxes are produced using FSC-certified wood from well managed forests. In addition to traditional wood boxes, we also offer a premium range of Woodstone™ boxes. Constructed from a mix of concrete and wood fibres, they create insulation and safeguard against attacks from predators including woodpeckers, cats and squirrels, making this an attractive long-term purchase for your customers.

Wildlife Habitats

  • Most gardeners and animal lovers are not only interested in helping birds, but bats, bees, hedgehogs, squirrels, frogs, butterflies and more too. Our mammal and insect range therefore comprises a number of habitats per species built using high-quality materials and again produced to optimal specifications for each species.
  • Again, in addition to quality, we also offer choice – as our wildlife range includes a selection of styles, materials and price points. The majority of our wooden wildlife habitats are produced using FSC-certified wood from well managed forests. In addition to traditional wood habitats, we also offer a premium range of Woodstone™ products.
  • Our range also includes nutritious foods for hedgehogs and squirrels.


  • Our gift range is refreshed regularly but typically comprises of a mix of items designed to celebrate wildlife and/or educate and inspire. This includes mugs, ID charts, posters, and books.
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