Producers and distributors of high quality wildlife products

Europe's leading manufacturer of wild bird care products with over 30 years expertise

Who are CJ Wildlife?

CJ WildBird Foods Ltd, trading under the CJ Wildlife brand, are Europe’s leading wildlife care manufacturers and distributors.

We have over 30 years experience in:

  • identifying the nutritional and habitat needs of wildlife
  • designing products to best suit them
  • developing these products and bringing them to market
  • offering distribution across Europe

We began in the early days, researching and selling just a small range of seeds for wild birds, but as awareness grew of the benefits of feeding the garden birds so did we. Thanks to extensive research and advanced food development, the range of wild bird food available has significantly increased over the years. Over 80 common species of wild birds are now being fed in gardens compared to just 18 when we started our research in 1987.

Product range

Our product range

High quality foods for birds and other wildlife such as hedgehogs and squirrels, are at the heart of what we offer. This includes seeds, seed mixes, peanuts and hi-energy peanut cakes and other fat-based products. We also offer a wide range of different sized, shaped and styled feeders plus feeding accessories including garden poles, food scoops, storage bins and hanging brackets.

Our range also includes nest boxes for birds and bats, insect habitats and water dishes. It is supplemented by a range of garden wildlife charts, posters and books.

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Charities we support

In addition to our in-house expertise we work with a number of wildlife partners throughout Europe. This gives us valuable wildlife and habitat information and ensures vital funding for the partners.

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Our Manufacturing & Distribution Network

We understand that having products fully designed for wildlife and in support of nature charities is just the start. You need to know that the items will be produced to a high standard and that availability can be relied on. At CJ Wildlife we manufacture a high proportion of products ourselves on site to ensure ultimate control of the process. For the items we have to outsource, very strict controls and quality checks are in place. We are also highly experienced in getting these finished goods to stores and warehouses across Europe on a daily basis.

Quick Facts

Below are a few key facts/stats about the company:

  • 250 We have more than 250 products in our range
  • 10 We currently operate in 10 countries across Europe
  • 3,000t We manufacture over 3,000 tonnes of bird seed each year
  • 17 We are currently working with 17 wildlife charities across Europe
  • 150 We currently employ more than 150 people across 4 countries
  • 80 Over 80 common species of wild bird are now being fed in gardens, compared to just 18 when we started in 1987